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Mrs. Bekelech Demessie Rorisa
Director / Founder
Save Generation Development Association
Email:  bekelech@savegeneration.org

 Mrs Bekelech with her mother whom she claimed her mentor, curving her character, leadership quality, and education to the level where she is today.

"The God of Heaven will give Us Success, We, His Servants start rebuilding"



Save Generation Development Association

Save Generation Development Association (SGDA) is an indigenous  non-profit charity organization founded in 1999 by Mrs. Bekelech Demessie Rorisa, to assist the marginalized and vulnerable communities in Ethiopia focusing on women empowerment, orphaned children and people with the HIV/AIDS.
SGDA aspires to see the marginalized people holistically transformed, empowered and survived.
SGDA contributes to the efforts being exerted to alleviate social, economic and political problems of the marginalized people especially by focusing on women, girls, youths ,OVC and people with HIV.


Civil Society Support Programme (CSSP2) with SGDA  are  implementing a project entitled " Preventing Physical Abuse of Women in West Guji Zone, Bule Hora Woreda in Oromia"

The project in West Guji Zone, Bule Hora Woreda under supervision of CSSP2 has reached the end of the first quarter where the program delivers highly important issue in the area to prevent Gender Base Violence. Women and girls are affected by horrendous assaults where their safety is in danger which needs legal and health assistance from other local institutions in the area.

SGDA organizes various community dialogues and training programs to ensure that communities are well aware of the situation and build a tolerable and safe environment for women and girls. Community and traditional leaders, women led organizations and various local government offices are given a deep understanding of women's rights and the legal respond in place in case of gender based attacks. The health centers are also part of the program where they share their experience during the sessions on how they have been supporting the victims and how to improve their performance in the future.   

SGDA launched HIV prevention project in Afar Region in Ethiopia

SGDA has launched a project in the Afar Regional State on HIV prevention in the region. The project has 21 months duration where SGDA will jointly work with the regional bureau of Health and HAPCO to decrease the prevalence of HIV among the general public. The increasing HIV prevalence rate in the region has become a concern as the focus on the disease is weakening over the years. This project will bring more attention on the prevention program by brining all the stakeholders together in the same platform to be able work jointly. The launching of the project took place in Semera town entitled "Reducing New HIV Infection and AIDS Mortality". HAPCO and CCRDA are partners in the project whereas SGDA is the implementer of the project.


Women resilient to the climate change by building their economic capacity with integrated approach engaged in environmental protection role

July 17 - 2022

Save Generation Development Association is engaged in empowering women in all areas for gender equality. One of the projects under Farm Africa sponsorship through UEWCA that SGDA is currently working on is to make women resilient to the climate change by building their economic capacity with integrated approach engaged in environmental protection role.

SGDA has distributed lambs for free to the rural communities of Jogo Village in the town of Mojo for 463 very destitute women who are some living with HIV/AIDS and others are disabled with certain limited physical ability. As an income generating mechanism, each beneficiary receives two lambs to raise and sell for a better price in the market and initiate a start-up small business. With the basic business and saving training to the women, they are well prepared on how to grow to the next level and at the same time use their small businesses to preserve the environment within their surroundings.

Enhance a bottom up policy engagements of citizens and CSOs to promote peace, democracy and sustainable development

Donor Partner: EU Partner: CCRDA Implementor: SGDA 

Save generation Development association with its long time partners, the European Union along with CCRDA on alleviating the rights of women in the town of Bishoftu, a project is designed to enhance the wellbeing of all women by advocating their rights by institutionalizing the democratic values and overcoming the root causes of the social and traditional impediments.

n the project, 150 women in the town of Bishoftu are participated in the women rights advocacy session which is still ongoing to reach more women to make them understand their fundamental rights in all areas in their social lives. This includes the empowerment of women by economically and socially by creating integrated solidarity among women CSOs and implement the targeted issues of women’s which are the top legal matters in Bishoftu and in the country in general.

Save Generation Development Association has performed an assessment before the commencement of the project on sexual and labour abuse of women in Bishoftu town where many are employed by the vast industrial manufacturing sectors. In the program, the development of policy review on land rights of women has been conducted to comprehend the exact nature of the problem in the country. SGDA has also organized an open debate on legal right and control over household lands by women which is a critical issue currently in Ethiopia.    


SGDA's support of children in marginalized communities is becoming meaningfull as the teenagers grow fast and show the happy faces in their daily lives

Shaun and Linda Gollway from Alberta, Canada are part of these happy families 

September 15 - 2022

Currently, Save Generation Development Association is supporting Orphan Vulnerable Children in total of 181 teenagers by providing essential items for their livings including school materials, clothing, hygiene items and other vital supplies which they need for their daily lives. The children located in Bishoftu, Kuriftu and Negle Borena towns are all supervised with their schooling and guided by our family consultants to make them responsible citizens.

Shaun and Linda Gollway from Alberta, Canada, a devoted couple who have been a partner with SGDA for a long time as friends and donors are directly involved in the raising of the children in Bishoftu and always keen to know about the children's well-being. Their relentless financial support as well as advice on how to implement our duties give us the dedication to be always on the sides of the children for all their needs.

This school year 2022-23, SGDA has already prepared for the children to have all the school materials and their school uniforms ready for the big day of enrollment. Our organization appreciates for all the support the children are receiving and thank Shaun and Linda on the behalf of the children.

SGDA with the Diaspora Community
April 20 - 2022

Save Generation Development Association is spearheading to involve the Diaspora community living abroad in various humanitarian activities with our organization. Just recently, a donor from the USA Virginia, Mr. Mikias Dhaba Hunde and his Family has jointly implemented a project with SGDA to lift 50 women from their current financial difficulty in Bishoftu town.

The fifty women who reside in Denbi distinct of the town were organized by SGDA by screening their economic status and bringing Mr. Hunde’s good heart as well as his financial support to create start-ups in their community.

SGDA is expanding its effort to reach all the Diaspora communities living abroad  with different thematic areas including the development of clean drinking water to under-developed communities, building or upgrading schools in rural villages and creating accessible health centers or clinics to build healthy society in the communities.  Save Generation Development Association invites donors to come forward for this joint collaboration during such difficult time where resources are drying up to save the lives of many in our activity areas.

SGDA’s annual General Assembly Meeting held on

March 19 - 2022

The Yearly General Assembly Meeting of Save Generation Development Association was held on March 19 – 2022 at the headquarters of the organization. The executive director of the organization, Mrs. Bekelech D. Rorrisa has presented the annual performance of the organization in detail and its future plan for the year.

Mrs. Bekelech D. Rorrisa (left), Mr. Getachew Wakjira (right)

SGDA has hired a new external auditor, Mr. Getachew Wakjira who also audited the organization prior to his commencement to his post. During the assembly meeting, he presented his audit work with full compliance of the country’s laws.

Mr. Eddossa, SGDA's HR manager, presented broad and detail annual performance of the organization for the general assembly.  During his remark, he mentioned that SGDA has achieved all the projects to the fullest as our donors expected and the organization is in the strongest position to reach and assist a million beneficiaries in the country.

  Mr. Eddossa, SGDA's HR Manager

For the last 14 years, SGDA has reached over 700,000 people with various aid packages. The organization has set a plan to celebrate its 15th years anniversary in presence of government officials and foreign diplomats with the members of the assembly.

A New Era for Women Participation in Peace and Resolutions

As a women organization, SGDA is also committed to accelerate the movement for women's rights by enabling women organizations in the country to fully participate on legal issues including in peace and resolutions. SGDA believes that women must be involved in decision making during the introduction of new legislations as well as by being key advocate of human rights including women's rights in Ethiopia. Women should also play a pivotal role in conflict resolutions to bring peace and stability for all. This is the reason that SGDA trains and qualifies CSOs to raise their capacity on how to build highly qualified women activists and advocates for equal opportunities and rights for those who are subjected by the system.  

Save Generation Development Association participated at the Presidential Women Leadership Program

Save Generation Development Association was one of the six local NGOs which took part at the Presidential Women Leadership Program in the city of Sululta, Ethiopia. President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Mrs., Sahle Work Zewde made a keynote speech during the first round of the program which consisted of 60 highly positioned women in the country on Jan.31,2022-Feb 11,2022. The president stated that during the three years tenure as head of the country, she always emphasized the importance of gender equality both politically and in socio-economic segment.

"I firmly believe that women have a special diligence, a special perception. [...] If we do not create enough women leaders and insure succession, the door to opportunity will be closed behind us." President Sahle Work Zewde.

The executive director of SGDA, Mrs. Bekelech D. Rorissa was one of the participants in the program. During the last 13 years, SGDA has been a strong voice for all women in the country. Lifting both women in the grass root level living in a highly vulnerable state and women who are well educated but struggling to break the barrier to compete as decision makers, SGDA has been giving all the support to bring them out of the shadow and shine out based on their merit. And Mrs. Bekelech D. Rorissa is always the women’s advocate to acknowledge their capacity at all levels of their working environment.

Women in the government as well as in the private sector must be fully recognized as equal partners in the society to share their own opinions as decision makers and be able to advance the interest of all women. That is what the Presidential Women Leadership Program focused on to create a justifiable opportunity to enable them for their rights not as granted but rather as self-ascended for a better future.

Save Generation along with its partners is devoted to implement every agenda that is set in the program by tailoring in its operation areas for better result. Located in the town of Bishoftu, Oromia, SGDA works throughout the country as a national non-profit organization partnering with many CSOs and CBOs mainly with women who need the utmost benefits.


Covid 19 Prevention program for Mojo and Bishoftu towns

Save Generation Development Association with its partner, Plan International is implementing a Covid-19 Prevention program in the towns of Mojo and Bishoftu. The ongoing threat of the pandemic is still considered a big danger after three years since the disease has been detected for the first time in the country.

SGDA is engaged in vigorous prevention campaign since the initial outbreak of the pandemic in its activity areas.

The town of Mojo and Bishoftu where the major highway interlinks the East and West route to the capital is the most vulnerable to the pandemic due to the traffic through them. Preventing the disease is the first choice to fight Covid 19 before it gets out of control.

SGDA's director, Mrs. Bekelech D. Rorrissa's interview with ETV/EBC on her organization's achievement and how SGDA becomes a dominant NGO in Ethiopia to advance the interest of women in the country. (Part 1 and 2)...

The founder and executive director SGDA, Mrs. Bekelech D. Rorissa has been interviewed on ETV, the main national TV channel on her successful career path first as a grade school teacher to become the roll model for many young women and vulnerable people whom she has been supporting through her organization. Save Generation Development Association has reached over half a million people in rural Ethiopia with their utmost needs including clean drinking water, medication, schooling and others. 

SGDA organized a school graduation ceremony for the OVC children in Wonji Kuriftu sponsored by Rainbow for the Future

Save Generation Development Association organized a graduation ceremony for Orphaned & Vulnerable Children (OVC) who successfully finished their higher academic programs from colleges and higher technique/vocational institutions on October 12 – 2021. The OVC program is supported by Canada based charity organization, Rainbow for the Future which has years of joint working relationship with SGDA.

The graduated students received certificate of recognition from SGDA for their hard work despite their difficult background in presence of SGDA’s director/founder, Mrs. Bekelech D. Rorisa, Deputy Head of the Oromia Bureau of Education, Mr. Girma Feyissa, Head of the Oromia Women/Children Affairs Bureau, Mrs. Tarike, ACSO’s (Agency for Civic Society Organizations) Deputy directorate, Mrs. Tsehai, Adama District Admistrator, Mr. Asrat Getu and Women/Children Affairs administrator in Adama District, Mrs. Nahima. The ceremonial luncheon was followed after each guest gave the inspiring speech to the students and their families. The program was held at Fikre Selam Women Center at Wonji Kuriftu, District in East Shewa Zone of Oromia. The center was built by SGDA six years ago for the community use.


SGDA honored members of the Fikre Selam Women Association

Fikre Selam Women Association is an active women’s business and social group of people who established six years ago in Wonji Kuriftu area located at Adama district in East Shewa Zone with the help of Save Generation Development Association. SGDA built their headquarter office and meeting place with generous financial support from Rainbow for the Future, a Canada based charity organization, up on the formation of Fikre Selam Women Association where today member of the 184 strong and committed women gather and do their regular gender oriented businesses.

On October 12 – 2021, SGDA honored Fikre Selam Women Association and its members for their hard work all these years to become where they are now today. According to the former women leader of the association, Mrs. Itenesh Gutama, the members are able to save over a million birr with the SGDA’s Income Generating Scheme which is designed to economical empower women in the small town. Itenesh who is an HIV positive strong personality delivered a brief speech thanking SGDA for its commitment helping their association to be able become self sufficient. During the ceremony, the director and founder of SGDA, Mrs. Bekelech D. Rorisa awarded those who showed outstanding performance in their women business joint venture. The Adama District Women/Children Affairs bureau head, Mrs. Nahima said during the occasion that the women center is quite exemplary to other associations that need to be
replicate everywhere else. The Oromia Women/Children Affairs head, Mrs. Tarike has also expressed her appreciation for Fikre Selam Women Association for their highly appraised achievement for the last few years and promised to assist them even more.

Save Generation development association in partnership with Nathan marriage and family counseling gave a compressive training

From left Mrs. Bekelech D, Rorrissa (SGDA Director), Mr. Girma Bayessa (Girma Bayessa Dinssa. Deputy Head Oromia Education Bureau) and Dr. Mulatu Belayneh from Nathan marriage and family counseling

September 22 - 2021 · 

Save Generation development association in partnership with Nathan marriage and family counselling gave a compressive training for 250 practitioners from the Oromiya Education Bureau, School Directors, teachers and students in the city of Adma. The training session was held from September 14-17 at Geda resort under the theme ‘’ school based mentorship’’ and the motto ‘’ the ability to understand the needs of students and prepare them for the purpose for which they were created for’’ to provide the deep understanding of students’ personal feeling and desire and how to be effective mentor to them.
The training was given by the well known and licensed marriage and family therapist, Dr. Mulatu Belayneh. He is also the author of six books including ‘’ Basic principles of mentorship program.’’
The participants have appreciated the four days program that enables them to become effective role model in this regard. Such mentorship capacity building for school instructors is an essential life changer that could bring result in the lives of the future generation. Save generation will extend the program in a bigger scale to have qualified staff in all schools to mentor students in family affairs.



Mini-Poultry Project to Generate Extra Income for Women

Save Generation in Partnership with Farm Africa coordinated a mini-poultry project by selecting 10 women who are interested in poultry. The women were given free chicks with all the necessary training on how to raise until they lay eggs. The price of eggs is currently high in the region which is a good occussion for the women to sell the products to their nearest market for good price.

Mrs. Aynalem Getachew from SGDA does the follow up to the group of women in the pilot program to see the progress on the mini-business venture.

Farm Africa is supporting this project as partner with Save Generation Development Association to evaluate the importance of the poultry program in order to understand the nature of the business for women empowerment by earning extra income. The next phase will be to widely involve in a bigger scale for larger group of women by learning from such mini-project.

Save Generation (SGDA) in Partnership with Plan International is Organizing a Community Meeting on Women and Girls Rights in Modjo and BishoftuTown

Save Generation Development Association as always is devoted to work on gender issues to secure the rights of women and girls in their society by giving them a thorough understanding of equal rights/opportunities and human rights. The organization which was established 13 years ago by Mrs. Bekelech D. Rorissa has previously conducted such projects in different towns in Oromia and this program in the towns of Modjo and Bishoftu is the continuation of the goal to empower women in all areas.

On June 3rd and June 10th  2021, a group of 200 women from different background participated in the meeting designated for Women’s Voice and Leadership.  The objective of the meetings is to address core issues in women’s lives on how to equally participate in businesses, decision making and their roles/responsibilities in their households and communities.

SGDA’s women's right expert Mrs. Aynalem Getachew and trainer Mr. Desta Teressa are giving the lectures in Affan Oromo and conducted group discussion with full participatory atmosphere from the community.


Building Climate Resilience Economic Capacity and environmental Protection Role of Ethiopian Women through integrated Approach
Final Evaluation report, January 27,2021



Download full Climate Change Final Evaluation report

Half a century ago, 40% of Ethiopia was covered by thick natural forest giving its share of contribution to the entire ecosystem in the region and the whole world. Today, that number is dwindled to 4% in total area coverage losing 140,000 hectares each year. Save Generation has been working for many years on environmental protection as well as sustainable forest management in areas where the land is highly degraded in the Great Rift Valley.

Our hard work in the past has proven good result and acknowledgement both by the government and international organizations in a way to pursue our responsibility in a more vigorous scale. Communities in small villages must be part of the solution understanding the importance of the forests in their surroundings. Giving awareness program on the significance of nature and on how to protect it, is Save Generation's core mission. Last year in 2020, Ethiopia as a nation, planted 5 billion tree seedlings during the three months rainy season. This year, Save Generation is again collaborating with the government call to plant 6 billion more seedlings throughout Ethiopia.



Save Generation Development Association built large tree nurseries with full capacity for research on indigenous trees, shrubs and commercial for lumber and fruit trees. Poor communities have now deep understanding of the economic return from well protected environment.

On January 27, SGDA announced the closure of the Climate Change Poject with success by issuing full report on the project performance and achievements to zone and wereda administrators in the town of Modjo, Oromia.

Donors who are participated in this project are SIDA, Farm Africa and UEWCA.


Bati Bora kelo Water Supply Extension Project
Jan1 – Dec 31, 2020
Project profile:
Project title: Bati Bora- kelo Extension water project, East shoa zone,Oromia Regional state. Adama woreda,Bati Bora kelo kebeles
General objective: - The overall objective of the intervention is to contribute towards rural poverty reduction through provision of clean, safe and healthy drinking water supply for marginalized communities and create marginalized women entrepreneurial ship to decide on socio-economic issues equally as their male counterparts and lead better living conditions at the end of Dec, 2020.
Project duration: Jan, 1/2020 – Dec, 31/2020
Direct Beneficiary: 4900 (F=3700 M=1200)
Indirect Beneficiary: 17,100(F=15,000 M=2100)
Total beneficiary: 22,000(F=18, 700, M=3,300
Implementing agency: - Save Generation Development Association (SGDA)
Donor: - Rainbow For The Future   .....Read More....


The Second Phase Water Project at Adama Wereda, Bate Bora & Bate Qelo Kebele Completed Within 30 Days


August 2-2020

Without being caught up by the heavy rainy season, the water project at Adama Wereda (District) Bate Bora and Bate Qelo Kebele (Community) is completed on timely schedule delivering clean drinking water for thousandths of people. Our staff at SGDA worked day and night to bring the project to conclusion without being hindered by the difficult road access which was worsen by flood and mud blocking the way to the project site.

During the inauguration, high government officials from Oromia state region and Federal Government were present to express their appreciation to our organization for our project delivery capacity as well as efficiency. The project was supported by Rainbow For The Future headquartered in Canada which was founded by Mr. Leo Seguin who was our dear friend and colleague and a kindhearted humanitarian.

In the first phase of the project, SGDA had constructed clean water project in Bate Bora Kebele (community) in Adama District (Wereda) located in the dry region of the Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia where the annual rainfall is quite insignificant. The second phase of the water project in Bate Qelo with major financial support from Rainbow For The Future was crucial to the community which otherwise face major health consequence without clean water.


The direct impact of the project is immense considering the number of people get seriously sick by water born diseases using ponds and streams down the valley.


With years of close partnership with Rainbow For The Future not only as our financial source but also with their relentless guidance on how to conduct our charity work is always appreciative by the SGDA and the people who benefited by the projects. The second phase project was also supported by the government which contributed water pipes for distribution and voluntary power from the community with different skills to make it happen to the final stage. Save Generation thanks all stakeholders primarily Rainbow For The Future for their steadfast support. For more information on this project and more, please contact our Executive Director, Mrs. Bekelech D. Rorisa at (251)911491548 and/or bekelech@savegeneration.org 



 Seeds Distributed in Adama Wereda (Adama District) to Poor Farmers

Save Generation distributed crop seeds to farmers in Adama Wereda (Adama District), Wenji Diddimtuu Kebeles (communities) in East Shoa Zone of Oromia region.. The seeds that we donate to the poor farmers who are economically hurt by the Corona Virus price fluctuation help them to sustain this year from bankruptcy. Save Generation has been working in this part of Oromia for the last many years which knows explicitly the needs of the communities in the district. Situated in the Great Rift Valley, Adama Wereda is bordered on the south by Arsi Zone, on the southwest by Koka Reservoir which separates it from Dugda Bora, on the west by Lome and has small towns Awash Melkasa, Sire  Robi, Sodere and Wenji Gefersa.With the presence of the Wereda's administration, Save Generation provided the assistance to the vulnerable poor women who otherwise unable to farm their land this year.

Before the start of the rainy season which is June 15th, Save Generation prepared and distributed seeds to farmers for the upcoming plowing activity. The farmers would expect a better yield from their hard work in October during such critical time when the market and other costs like fertilizer and  pesticide are becoming unpredictable due to the pandemic Corona Virus throughout the country. Save Generation is watching how things are developing to update our sponsors on how to proceed with our assistance to the communities in the near future. For detail information on this and more, please contact our Executive Director, Mrs. Bekelech D. Rorisa at (251)911491548 and/or bekelech@savegeneration.org 

Daabbanni Save Generation Development Association akkumaamaleeffatame Coronaa virusiin (Covid-19) wal-qabatee uummata harka qalleeyyii ta’aniif degeersa godhu itti fufee jira .Haaluma kanaan ganda Baadiyyaa Aanaa Adaamaa Ganda Wanjii Diddimtuu jala jiraaniif haqaqqabuuf jecha Karaa Bulchiinsa Aanaa Addaamaa Gumaacha Godheera Gargaarsii tasifamees amma  yeroon yeroo qonnaa waant a’eef, Sanyii Boqqoolloo bitammee akka karaa gandaaa laatmau taasifameera. haaluma kanaan bakka dura ta'aan gandaa argameetti dubartoota harka qalleeyyii ta'aniif kennameera.

ሴቭ ጄኔሬሽን በአዳማ ወረዳ፣ ወንጂ ዲዲምቱ ቀበሌ የሚያረገውን ዕርዳታ በመቀጠል፤ ቦቆሎ ዘርን አቅም ለሌላቸው ሴቶች
በማከፋፈል ለመጪው የክረምት ወቅት እርሻዎቻቸውን ዝግጁ እንዲያደርጉ ከፍተኛ እርዳታ በመሰጠት ላይ ይገኛል፡፡ በተለይ በወቅታዊው የኮሮና በሽታ ወረርሽኝ በሚያጋጥማቸው የኢኮኖሚ ጫና፤ እንደዚህ አይነቱ ድጋፍ ወሳኝ መሆኑ አያጠራጥርም፤ ሰለዚህም ሴቭ ጄኔሬሽን ይህንን በመገንዘብ ተደራሽነቱን በማስፋት የተቻለውን እያደረገ ነው፡፡


Save Generation Dispenses Necessary Items at Lome Wereda (Lome District) to Help the Prevention of Corona Virus

Save Generation Development Association is not new at Lome District. Various projects have been finalized in previous years to assist the most vulnerable in the district. Our respond by SGDA, this time is an immediate to fully control the spread of Corona Virus by giving out the necessary items to the general public.

Lome is one of the weredas (districts) in the Oromia region, situated in East Shewa Zone, geographically located in the Great Rift Valley. According to the recent census, Lome Wereda has an estimated total population of 140,030.

Save Generation reached out to three Kebeles (communities), Darar Dambala, Dungi Bakele and Adada Dambala) by dispensing sanitizers and disinfectants to the general public for free in order to keep their hygiene as the first step in the prevention program. Within the program, the organization brought large water tanks with the capacity 500ltr and 1000ltr to setup clean water line in such highly critical time. Gloves and face masks have also dispensed to the public with advice not to be panicked but highly vigilant for this highly contagious pandemic.

Mrs. Bekelech Demissie Rorissa, the Director and Founder of the organization along with the Zone and District administrators supervised the life saving program with an intent to watch the progression of the disease in the country and in Oromia Region to act fast for the next phase. Please contact Mrs.Bekelech, the director of SGDA on how to support our common cause at (251)911491548 or by email sageda.development@gmail.com    


Save Generation is in a Timely Rush to Deliver Necessary Items to Prevent Corona Virus From Spreading in Bishoftu

Save Generation Development Association supplied valuable items to prevent Corona Virus from spreading in the city of Bishoftu. The materials which were distributed to the general public for free were Sanitizers with high alcohol content  and various types of disinfectants including soaps. Frequented hand washing is promoted with the notion not to shake hands for greetings. Save Generation gives a thorough understanding of the diseases to the general public to become cautious when sneezing and coughing in public. The director and founder of Save Generation, Mrs. Bekelech Demissie observed the community's perception on the epidemic and its danger not only in Ethiopia but throughout Africa. Please contact Mrs.Bekelech, the director of SGDA on how to support our common cause at (251)911491548 or by email sageda.development@gmail.com

Dhaabbanni “Save Generation Development Association(S.G.D.A)” Guyyaa kaleessaa “16/04/2020 Dhibee “Coronavirus(Covid-19)” Walqabatee jiraatota magaalaa Bishoftuu :-Bulchinsa Magaala, Gandoota garaa garaa harka qalleeyyiin keessatti argaman, Waldaa Kirstaanaa garaagara torbaa ol kan ta’aniif namoota harka qalleeyyii ta’aniifi akkasumas warshaa garaa garaa keessa kan hojjetan , yeroo ammaa garuu sababa dhibee kanaa kan hojiira hinjireef kan oolu wantoota akka
-Samuna dhangalawoo
-Samunaa huccuu ittiin micatan
-Samunaa Qamaa ittiin dhiqatan
Walumaa galatti meshaalee Gatiinsaa qarshii 200,000 olitti tilmaamamu bituudhaan Bakka koreen garaa garaa jiranitti hundeessituufi hojiraawwachiuftuun DhaabataS.G.D.A jirtutti Walharka fudhinsi godhameera.

ለቢሾፍቱ ከተማ መስተዳድር
ለተለያዩ የቢሾፍቱ ቀበሌዎች፤
ወደ ሰባት ለሚሆኑ አብያተክርስቲያናት
እንደዚሁም ለተለያዩ በችግር ውስጥ ላሉ ግለሰቦች ከ200,000ብር በላይ የሚሆን ወጪ በማድረግ :- ዱቄት፣ ሳኒታይዘር፣ ፓስታ፣ ደረቅ የልብስ ሳሙና፣ ፈሳሽ ሳሙና ፣ የገላ ሳሙና፣ በማከፈፈል ሀገራዊ ግዴታ ሲወጣ ውሏል። በዚህ ሁሉ ስራ ውስጥ የድርጅቱ መስራች ዋና ሥራ አስፋፃሚ በአካል በመገኘት ለሁሉም ለሚመለከተው አካል ርክክብ አድርገዋል።


Save Generation Begins its Corona Virus Prevention Program in the City of Adama

Ethiopia with the population of over 100m, the second highly populated country in Africa, has the limitation to test its people from the Corona Virus infection. Our preparedness to prevent the epidemic is crucial to our survival considering our capacity in the health sector. Save Generation Development Association embarks its campaign to stop the spread of Corona Virus in the city of Adama by distributing essential items to the pubic in general who need them during such difficult time.

Mrs. Bekelech Demissie, the director and founder of the organization was at the scene reaching the community and understanding the situation on the ground. At the first phase, Save Generation issued sanitizers, gloves, masks, largo soap for free to the public for protection as well as packaged grocery food like pasta to the needy who otherwise do not have the means to survive during this difficult time.

Save Generation has group of volunteers to deliver such assistance throughout the country and now demanding more hands from sponsors to widen the charity work in a vigorous and timely manner. Please contact Mrs.Bekelech, the director of SGDA on how to support at (251)911491548 or by email sageda.development@gmail.com


  Godina Shawaa Bahaa A/Adaamaatti sababa Vaayrasii koroonaatiin Deeggarsi taasifamaa jiru Akkuma itti fufetti jira.
Guyyaa hardhaatis Dhaabbanni miti mootummaa Save Generation Development Association (SGDA) jedhamu Daakuu kuntaala shan,paastaa kaartonii afur,gilaavii dhibba lama,saayintaayzara dhibba lama fi saamunaa dhibba tokkoo fi sagaltamii afur,akkasumas laargoo letira digdamii afur arjoomanii jiru.

Hoji gaggeessaa olaanaan Dhaabbatichaa Addee Baqqalach Damisee dhaabbanni keenya namoota sababa vaayrasii koroonaatiin beelaaf saaxilamuu danda'anii fi harka qalleeyyii ta'aniif hanga ammaatti deeggarsa godhaa kan jiru yoo ta'u, gara fuulduraattis deeggarsa barbaachisaa ta'e ni taasisan jedhan.

Bulchaan Aanaa Adaamaa Obbo Qumbii Loongalee Dhaabbaticha galateeffachuun, lammiilee keenya sababa vaayrasii koroonaatiin hojii idilee isaanii addaan kutanii jiranii fi harka qalleeyyii adda baasuun deeggarsa hanga ammaatti arganne kana kan kenninu ta'a jedhan.



March 8th Celelbration in Bishoftu Town
Agency for Civil Society Organizations, the Federal regulatory agency headed by its director, Jima Dilbo, celebrated March 8th, the International Women's Day in the town of Bishoftu organized by Save Generation along with the city administration.
Bishoftu's mayor, Mrs. Tsehay Shiferaw and the director of Save Generation, Mrs. Bekelech Demissie demonstrated the long journey that women in the country has traveled to reach where we are now politically and socially as a successful achievement in Africa as well as in the entire world.


With the help of our donors SGDA managed to deliver the ICT Project at Wonji High School giving 1000 female students the access to the internet.
Project at Wonji High School giving 1000 female students the access to the internet.

SGDA gives also training to teachers and the staff for schools including students on the use and importance of the internet and how to access other school materials online which otherwise expensive to purchase print-outs.

The Successful Story of Zewude Haptewoldi

Mrs.Zewude is 50 years old and she is the mother of five children. She lives in East shoa zone,Adama woreda in Didimtu Kebele. Naturally she is one of the hero women and who is a talentive as well as productive woman by utilizing her God’s given potential. Before she becomes the beneficiary of SGDA, she was poor enough and felt under pressure of life....Read More...


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Your support is crucial to our mission and activities. By being part of our projects, you would achieve all our goals that we together set to reach.
To donate your charity to Save Generation Development Association, our international official bank account number is:
Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
Swift Code: CBETETAA
Branch Name: Foreign Transfer
Account Number: 1000001117924
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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