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Mrs. Bekelech Demessie Rorisa
Director / Founder
Save Generation Development Association
Email:  bekelech@savegeneration.org 

 Mrs Bekelech with her mother whom she claimed her mentor, curving her character, leadership quality, and education to the level where she is today.

"The God of Heaven will give Us Success, We, His Servants start rebuilding"



SGDA is engaged in capacity building in wide range of socio-economic issues, like providing this water pump to farmers who otherwise can not farm in dry season.



Climate Change is our main problem that we are all facing. SGDA strongly support rehabilitation of forest in dry regions by setting up tree seedling stations.We also encourage green energy to be used in our areas.



SGDA supports students and schools in the areas where it mainly functions by providing materials which otherwise can not be affordable by the locals.



We supports farmers to have a profitable harvest after the hard work. Working in extension program, we provide seeds to farmers to be prepared in advance before the rainy season.



Water project at Bate Bora, Qelo District where Save Generation Development Assoc dug 100m water well to bring clean water for 22,000 people living the areas.



Kobo Luto women empowerment project was started on March 2011 in Oromia Regional State, East Shoa Zone Adama District, Kobo Luto Temsa Kebele with the major objective of empowering rural women both economically and socially.



Sheep raring and Adult Literacy for Kobo Luto temsa Women's association..



Grinding mill and grain store for Diddimtu and Bati Kelo



Mrs. Bekelech Demesie Rorisa at the ceremony where Abyssinia Award presents its annual achievement recognition to her and her organization, Save Generation Development Association.

During the ceremony, high officialS from Oromia State and Federal Government were present to encourage such humanitarian activities throughout the country.



Support Us
Your support is crucial to our mission and activities. By being part of our projects, you would achieve all our goals that we together set to reach.
To donate your charity to Save Generation Development Association, our international official bank account number is:
Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
Swift Code: CBETETAA
Branch Name: Foreign Transfer
Account Number: 1000001117924
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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