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Mrs. Bekelech Demessie Rorisa
Director / Founder
Save Generation Development Association
Email:  bekelech@savegeneration.org

 Mrs Bekelech with her mother whom she claimed her mentor, curving her character, leadership quality, and education to the level where she is today.

"The God of Heaven will give Us Success, We, His Servants start rebuilding"



Bati Bora kelo Water Supply Extension Project
Jan1 – Dec 31, 2020
Project profile:
Project title: Bati Bora- kelo Extension water project, East shoa zone,Oromia Regional state. Adama woreda,Bati Bora kelo kebeles
General objective: - The overall objective of the intervention is to contribute towards rural poverty reduction through provision of clean, safe and healthy drinking water supply for marginalized communities and create marginalized women entrepreneurial ship to decide on socio-economic issues equally as their male counterparts and lead better living conditions at the end of Dec, 2020.
Project duration: Jan, 1/2020 – Dec, 31/2020
Direct Beneficiary: 4900 (F=3700 M=1200)
Indirect Beneficiary: 17,100(F=15,000 M=2100)
Total beneficiary: 22,000(F=18, 700, M=3,300
Implementing agency: - Save Generation Development Association (SGDA)
Donor: - Rainbow For The Future   .....Read More....


Activities On Environmental Protection And Sustainable Forest Management By Save Generation Prove How Nature Heals Fast

Half a century ago, 40% of Ethiopia was covered by thick natural forest giving its share of contribution to the entire ecosystem in the region and the whole world. Today, that number is dwindled to 4% in total area coverage losing 140,000 hectares each year. Save Generation has been working for many years on environmental protection as well as sustainable forest management in areas where the land is highly degraded in the Great Rift Valley.

Our hard work in the past has proven good result and acknowledgement both by the government and international organizations in a way to pursue our responsibility in a more vigorous scale. Communities in small villages must be part of the solution understanding the importance of the forests in their surroundings. Giving awareness program on the significance of nature and on how to protect it, is Save Generation's core mission. Last year in 2019, Ethiopia as a nation, planted 4 billion tree seedlings during the three months rainy season. This year, Save Generation is again collaborating with the government call to plant 5 billion more seedlings throughout Ethiopia.

Save Generation is also intended to build large tree nurseries with full capacity for research on indigenous trees, shrubs and commercial for lumber and fruit trees. Poor communities will have the deep understanding of the economic return from well protected environment.

Donors and Sponsors are invited to be part of this endeavor to stamp their footprints with their own stone plaques in this remote part of Africa by contacting Mrs. Bekelech, the Executive Director at (251)911491548 or by email sageda.development@gmail.com


Save Generation Dispenses Necessary Items at Lome Wereda (Lome District) to Help the Prevention of Corona Virus

Save Generation Development Association is not new at Lome District. Various projects have been finalized in previous years to assist the most vulnerable in the district. Our respond by SGDA, this time is an immediate to fully control the spread of Corona Virus by giving out the necessary items to the general public.

Lome is one of the weredas (districts) in the Oromia region, situated in East Shewa Zone, geographically located in the Great Rift Valley. According to the recent census, Lome Wereda has an estimated total population of 140,030.

Save Generation reached out to three Kebeles (communities), Darar Dambala, Dungi Bakele and Adada Dambala) by dispensing sanitizers and disinfectants to the general public for free in order to keep their hygiene as the first step in the prevention program. Within the program, the organization brought large water tanks with the capacity 500ltr and 1000ltr to setup clean water line in such highly critical time. Gloves and face masks have also dispensed to the public with advice not to be panicked but highly vigilant for this highly contagious pandemic.

Mrs. Bekelech Demissie Rorissa, the Director and Founder of the organization along with the Zone and District administrators supervised the life saving program with an intent to watch the progression of the disease in the country and in Oromia Region to act fast for the next phase. Please contact Mrs.Bekelech, the director of SGDA on how to support our common cause at (251)911491548 or by email sageda.development@gmail.com    


Daabbanni Save Generation Development Association akkumaamaleeffatame 22, 23, 24/04/2020 Coronvirusiin (Covid-19) wal-qabateeummataharkaqalleeyyiita’aniifdegeersagodhuittifufeejira .HaalumakanaangandootaBaadiyyaaaanaalumeejalajiraaniif(DaraarDambalaa, DhunguggiiBaqaleefiiAdaadaDambalaa) haqaqqabuufjechaKaraaBirooqonnaatiingummachaasaagodheera.
- RoottooGandootasadiifSagal(9) bituudhaanujommooharkaittiinqulqulleeffatanittihojjechuudhaan
- Sanitaayizarii
- samunaaQaamaaittidhiqatan
- Samunaagogaakanhuccuu
- SamunaaDhangala’aa
- Pastaagumachuun
- Glaavii
- Fees Maaskii
- akkasumasPostariigaraagaraafiihubannooqabsiisuundirqamalammumaabahuusaaittifufeera. Kenna kanas KaraaHundeesituufHoji-raawwachiiftuDhaabbata S.G.D.A AaddeBaqqalachDamiseeIttigaafatamaaBiirooQonnaaAanaaLumeef Dura ta’aagandaatiinkeennameera.        



Save Generation is in a Timely Rush to Deliver Necessary Items to Prevent Corona Virus From Spreading

Save Generation Development Association supplied valuable items to prevent Corona Virus from spreading in the city of Bishoftu. The materials which were distributed to the general public for free were Sanitizers with high alcohol content  and various types of disinfectants including soaps. Frequented hand washing is promoted with the notion not to shake hands for greetings. Save Generation gives a thorough understanding of the diseases to the general public to become cautious when sneezing and coughing in public. The director and founder of Save Generation, Mrs. Bekelech Demissie observed the community's perception on the epidemic and its danger not only in Ethiopia but throughout Africa. Please contact Mrs.Bekelech, the director of SGDA on how to support our common cause at (251)911491548 or by email sageda.development@gmail.com

Dhaabbanni “Save Generation Development Association(S.G.D.A)” Guyyaa kaleessaa “16/04/2020 Dhibee “Coronavirus(Covid-19)” Walqabatee jiraatota magaalaa Bishoftuu :-Bulchinsa Magaala, Gandoota garaa garaa harka qalleeyyiin keessatti argaman, Waldaa Kirstaanaa garaagara torbaa ol kan ta’aniif namoota harka qalleeyyii ta’aniifi akkasumas warshaa garaa garaa keessa kan hojjetan , yeroo ammaa garuu sababa dhibee kanaa kan hojiira hinjireef kan oolu wantoota akka
-Samuna dhangalawoo
-Samunaa huccuu ittiin micatan
-Samunaa Qamaa ittiin dhiqatan
Walumaa galatti meshaalee Gatiinsaa qarshii 200,000 olitti tilmaamamu bituudhaan Bakka koreen garaa garaa jiranitti hundeessituufi hojiraawwachiuftuun DhaabataS.G.D.A jirtutti Walharka fudhinsi godhameera.

ለቢሾፍቱ ከተማ መስተዳድር
ለተለያዩ የቢሾፍቱ ቀበሌዎች፤
ወደ ሰባት ለሚሆኑ አብያተክርስቲያናት
እንደዚሁም ለተለያዩ በችግር ውስጥ ላሉ ግለሰቦች ከ200,000ብር በላይ የሚሆን ወጪ በማድረግ :- ዱቄት፣ ሳኒታይዘር፣ ፓስታ፣ ደረቅ የልብስ ሳሙና፣ ፈሳሽ ሳሙና ፣ የገላ ሳሙና፣ በማከፈፈል ሀገራዊ ግዴታ ሲወጣ ውሏል። በዚህ ሁሉ ስራ ውስጥ የድርጅቱ መስራች ዋና ሥራ አስፋፃሚ በአካል በመገኘት ለሁሉም ለሚመለከተው አካል ርክክብ አድርገዋል።



Save Generation begins its Corona Virus Prevention Program in the city of Adama

Ethiopia with the population of over 100m, the second highly populated country in Africa, has the limitation to test its people from the Corona Virus infection. Our preparedness to prevent the epidemic is crucial to our survival considering our capacity in the health sector. Save Generation Development Association embarks its campaign to stop the spread of Corona Virus in the city of Adama by distributing essential items to the pubic in general who need them during such difficult time.

Mrs. Bekelech Demissie, the director and founder of the organization was at the scene reaching the community and understanding the situation on the ground. At the first phase, Save Generation issued sanitizers, gloves, masks, largo soap for free to the public for protection as well as packaged grocery food like pasta to the needy who otherwise do not have the means to survive during this difficult time.

Save Generation has group of volunteers to deliver such assistance throughout the country and now demanding more hands from sponsors to widen the charity work in a vigorous and timely manner. Please contact Mrs.Bekelech, the director of SGDA on how to support at (251)911491548 or by email sageda.development@gmail.com


Godina Shawaa Bahaa A/Adaamaatti sababa Vaayrasii koroonaatiin Deeggarsi taasifamaa jiru Akkuma itti fufetti jira.
Guyyaa hardhaatis Dhaabbanni miti mootummaa Save Generation Development Association (SGDA) jedhamu Daakuu kuntaala shan,paastaa kaartonii afur,gilaavii dhibba lama,saayintaayzara dhibba lama fi saamunaa dhibba tokkoo fi sagaltamii afur,akkasumas laargoo letira digdamii afur arjoomanii jiru.

Hoji gaggeessaa olaanaan Dhaabbatichaa Addee Baqqalach Damisee dhaabbanni keenya namoota sababa vaayrasii koroonaatiin beelaaf saaxilamuu danda'anii fi harka qalleeyyii ta'aniif hanga ammaatti deeggarsa godhaa kan jiru yoo ta'u, gara fuulduraattis deeggarsa barbaachisaa ta'e ni taasisan jedhan.

Bulchaan Aanaa Adaamaa Obbo Qumbii Loongalee Dhaabbaticha galateeffachuun, lammiilee keenya sababa vaayrasii koroonaatiin hojii idilee isaanii addaan kutanii jiranii fi harka qalleeyyii adda baasuun deeggarsa hanga ammaatti arganne kana kan kenninu ta'a jedhan.


Mrs. Bekelech Demissie Rorisa, the director and founder of Save Generation Development Association Interviews with Oromia broadcasting Network  OBN on " Anadhufu program".


Agency for Civil Society Organizations, the Federal regulatory agency headed by Mr. Jima Dilbo, celebrated March 8th, the International Women's Day in the town of Bishoftu organized by Save Generation along with the city administration. Bishoftu's mayor, Mrs. Tsehay Shiferaw and the director of Save Generation, Mrs. Bekelech Demissie demonstrated the long journey that women in the country has traveled to reach where we are now politically and socially as a successful achievement in Africa as well as in the entire world.


Save Generation Development Association March 8th, 2020
Our Journey in Empowering Women
March 4-2020
Since the foundation of Save Generation Development Association SGDA in 2008, our organization stretches its hands to almost a quarter million people in needs with wide range of projects. During our twelve years tenure as a non-profit organization, we managed implementing activities centering women as core agenda of our works. SGDA celebrates March 8th with a principal agenda to raise all women in Ethiopia to the next level.  March 8th is celebrated in the Federal level, in the town of Bishoftu where SGDA is headquartered as we are sincerely engaged in organizing events with our partners to observe the day with the pledge to advance our work on women empowerment and gender equality in all areas
..Read More. ..............    Read in Amharic

January 21-2020
As Save Generation Development Organization launches a new project to support poor and vulnerable children in a remote area of Oromia in the town of Negale Borena, the organization opens a branch office to facilitate the project in the same location...Read More...

Agency for Civil Society Organizations
November 22 ·  2019
በይቻላል መንፈስ ድል የመታ ድርጅት
An Organization with Winning Motivation Achieve its Goal
The high officials of the Agency For Civil Society Organizations witness the works done by Save Generation Development Association
 The founder and director of SGDA (Save Generation Development Association, Mrs. Bekelech Demessie gave a briefing on the activities of her organization to the high officials of Agency for Civil Society Organization. Registered as indigenous charity organization, Save Generation Development Association is thoroughly engaged on conservation (environmental protection), water projects, education, health, economic empowerment for women in the country.

The director of the agency, Jima Dilbo confirms his position on the activity of Save Generation saying that SGDA as a young organization is able to accomplish quite a significant amount of work in just few years which could be a guide for others to learn its sufficiency and competence. He also added in his remark that this is not only the achievement of one person but also the entire staff of the organization to take the credit for the success pitching their effort to build the country in their own capacity, thanking Save Generation for the hard work... READ MORE....

Bate Kallo Bora Water Supply Project_Updated.pdf
The director of Save Generation, Mrs Bekelech's Interview with Voice of America (Afan Oromifaa)



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Your support is crucial to our mission and activities. By being part of our projects, you would achieve all our goals that we together set to reach.
To donate your charity to Save Generation Development Association, our international official bank account number is:
Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
Swift Code: CBETETAA
Branch Name: Foreign Transfer
Account Number: 1000001117924
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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