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Mrs. Bekelech Demessie Rorisa
Director / Founder
Save Generation Development Association
Email:  bekelech@savegeneration.org

 Mrs Bekelech with her mother whom she claimed her mentor, curving her character, leadership quality, and education to the level where she is today.

"The God of Heaven will give Us Success, We, His Servants start rebuilding"



Focus Areas

SGDA has planned to work in the following areas in collaboration with its partners:

 »  Livelihood Security: To contribute to the reduction of extreme poverty on a sustainable basis through programs dealing with diversifying livelihoods security of target communities

 »  Education: Enhance access for quality basic primary and secondary education for target community children, especially girls and non–formal education through implementing related programs and developing the capacity of stakeholders to bring sustainable impact

» Health: Health statistics for Ethiopia have improved considerably in the last 20 years but remain abysmally low in both the World and African contexts and lend support to health interventions. To help improve this situation SGDA will intervene on integrated community based preventive intervention

 »   HIV/AIDS: It is not possible to work in either development or emergency program in Ethiopia without taking account of the high prevalence of HIV and the number of people living with AIDS in the communities in which we work. To this end, SGDA will have both a program that addresses the impact of HIV and AIDS on the communities with whom we work.

 » Social Protection: SGDA recognizes that within the communities it seeks to assist are marginalized people who do not have the conditions to release their potentials and utilize resources for development opportunities. In the interests of the extremely poor SGDA will initiate some pilot work on social protection with a view to addressing the needs of these marginalized people.

 »   Women Empowerment: Empowering women economically and socially through augmenting their sources of income and educating them.

 »  Association Based Capacity Building: SGDA recognizes the need to have qualified, experienced and motivated staff in order for its work to be carried out at a high quality and with a high impact on the lives of the poorest. To this end, SGDA will build on the policies, procedures and guidelines that are currently in place to ensure that our staffs have the training and development required to carry out their work to the highest standards possible.

 »   Environment and Climate Change: Improve the concept of climate change & environmental protection & rehabilitation etc.





Support Us
Your support is crucial to our mission and activities. By being part of our projects, you would achieve all our goals that we together set to reach.
To donate your charity to Save Generation Development Association, our international official bank account number is:
Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
Swift Code: CBETETAA
Branch Name: Foreign Transfer
Account Number: 1000001117924
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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