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Mrs. Bekelech Demessie Rorisa
Director / Founder
Save Generation Development Association
Email:  bekelech@savegeneration.org

 Mrs Bekelech with her mother whom she claimed her mentor, curving her character, leadership quality, and education to the level where she is today.

"The God of Heaven will give Us Success, We, His Servants start rebuilding"


Our achievement in help the poor communities is all the result our donors who relentless support our causes without the slightest hesitation. Ethiopia as a poor country located in highly unstable region of East Africa, Save Generation as an non-profit organization work closely with our foreign counterparts to achieve all he projects that we together set to reach these poor communities. All our achievements are our testimonial to show our donors and supporters with great appreciation on behalf of the communities whom otherwise do not have the access to address on their own.


143 Orphan and vulnerable Children provided with school material, supplementary food, medical treatments, counseling and home based visit. 
Computers and internet access was provided aiming to empower and encourage girl students of Wonji High School and preparatory school. The SACCO groups engaged in different income generating activities also provided with internet and computer business center in Wonji Gafarsa.
The ICT project

Elementary school and Teachers residential house constructed and provided with adequate furniture at Bate Bora PA of Estern Shawa Zone Adama Districts.  ,s
 Seed and school material provision for kebeles (PA) those are affected by drought.
 Seedling and plantation for sustainable intervention to combat climate change - El Nino in  Ethiopia.

SAGDA facilitated medical treatments for two children, those born without human west disposal organ   Shallo Tilahun from Didimtu PA and Temiru Lami. Unfortunately parents of the two Children are the poorest of their community and unable to afford for the medical treatments of their children which lasted to 2 years without any treatment. For mothers it is the horrible time, they state the occasion with tear that it is what they donít want to be in even for a minute, but because they know that they lack economical potential they never expect to come out of it. And they set their mind to live the rest of their life accepting the situation. This is why SGDA intervene with all important supports, and as a result of the support now both of them are in good health. One of the two Tamiru  Lami completed the treatment except cheek up and began using the normal way of human solid waste disposal. 
On the other hand in case of Shallo Tilahun, after both of the children goes through common laboratory check up, Even though both of the family are on the same livelihood status, Shallo was proved malnourished and admitted for pre treatment before the surgery.
Because of the case He was taken to Mother Tereza where patients can gate medical treatments and balanced diets.  Shallo is living in the center with his mother for more than two monthsí with weekly visit of the Doctor for progress assessment.  The Center provided him with balanced diets and sanitation equipments for the children and his mom who take care for him at the center.


Support Us
Your support is crucial to our mission and activities. By being part of our projects, you would achieve all our goals that we together set to reach.
To donate your charity to Save Generation Development Association, our international official bank account number is:
Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
Swift Code: CBETETAA
Branch Name: Foreign Transfer
Account Number: 1000001117924
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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